We’re serious about rock hounding.  Our field trips range from nearby sites for poppy jasper and chiastolites to distant locations for shark’s teeth or gemstones.

Ready for a day gem hunting at Ocean View Mine in San Diego County

Our January 2017 field trip was to a location near Exeter where we collect an interesting combination of zoisite and thulite. This combination of calcite rich rock will accept a polish.

A close-up view of pink thulite.
Trimmed thulite with zoisite
MGMC rock hunt in Exeter (no hiking involved!)

February 2017 Field Trip:  At 9:00 on Feb 25, weather permitting, we will meet at the Snelling rock piles.  This area is washed river rock, remains of gold recovery operations.  A variety of jasper, including some poppy jasper, can be found in the rock piles.

You’ll need to bring:  your lunch, your water, and a collecting bag or bucket.  Sturdy shoes and a hiking stick can be handy for climbing the rock piles.

PLEASE RSVP at the Store, (209) 966-4367.